(1932- 2010)

Jacob Schwartz, an astrologer who studied and wrote about asteroids, died at the age of 78.  He lived and practiced outside of Philadelphia, PA.  In addition, to his practice, Jacob lectured and wrote many articles on the asteroids.  He also taught astrology at The Main Line Nite School.   


Jacob was born in Philadelphia, PA and had a Doctorate in Communications from the University of Illinois and a Master's from the University of Chicago.  He left the business world to become a full-time astrologer in 1974.   He was the first Western astrologer to lecture, write and teach in the former Soviet Union.




Jacob had a Level IV certification through NCGR. He was the Articles Editor of Prodigy's Astrology & New Age forum and Llewellyn published his Asteroid Name Encyclopedia in 1995.  Jacob wrote a column for Horoscope Guide Magazine and also authored Asteroid Signatures for Kepler.


BOOKS:  Jacob Schwartz wrote Asteroid Name Encyclopedia which was published by Llewellyn in 1995.               

Asteroid Name Encyclopedia




Jacob Schwartz

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Jacob and I were very close from 1981 to 1985.  He was a Professor of Parapsychology at Temple University which is where we met.  I was a student in his class.  He also taught other classes at Temple University during that time but I don't recall which ones.

 Jacob and I traveled to Ireland and Greece together during those years.  I have two photo albums of that time.  I am not sure if you would like to have pictures of him from that time period but if you do I would be happy to mail them to you.  I don't have the ability to scan.

 Jacob was a wonderful, considerate, ridiculously intelligent man who was warm and kind and had an incredible sense of humor. He had a never ending search for knowledge and was in love with classical music particularly English composers such as Vaughn Williams, George Butterworth, and Elgar as well as Sibelius, Mahler and Rachmaninoff.  He loved to find obscure composers and beautiful places in nature like Ringing Rock, PA. 

 When Jacob and I were together he lived at 1706 Locust St and we often went to the Academy of Music and sat in Family Circle and listened tand watched Riccardo Muti conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra.  It was pure bliss.

 Jacob had such faith in life and always projected positive energy which had a deep affect on me.  He was a man ahead of his time.  He introduced me to the world of "New Age", organic food, vegetarianism, and a respect for and honor of all living things; long before it was mainstream. 

 Jacob, I used to call him Jacoby, truely had a profound affect on people, and often changed their lives for the better.  His readings were so thorough and he provided such insight to those he touched. 

 The world has lost an extraordinary human being and the heavens now have a beautiful soul. 

- Patricia Crawford

I remember Jacob Schwartz. It was sometime back in the late 70's, during the days at 17th and Locust. He was a really cool dude. Way before the "PC's" and technology, he attained much of his knowledge through books. He was my astrologer, spiritual guide and mentor. He did my charts. I also remember attending a "reincarnation session" with him....unforgettable! He had a sparkling charm and wit.

Rest in Peace dear Jacob. You are a shining star illuminating the heavens!

~Tina Cherry Sepkowicz

I was fortunate to meet Jacob Schwartz in 2005 when he visited the Atlantic CIty area. I was given some very helpful information which has helped me on my life's journey. I'm sure he's helped many others as well. A life well lived.

Barbara Vander Meulen


BIRTH:   May 24, 1932 at 4:22 AM in Philadelphia, PA.

Birth data is from Astrologia.PL http://www.astrologychart.eu/astrology/jacob-schwartz.html   

DEATH:  Jacob passed away on January 13, 2010 at Glenside, PA, as stated in the Social Security Death Index.




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