John Addey

The following was written by Gavin Kent McClung in his article, "A SALUTE TO OUR HERITAGE: What Makes A True Astrologer?" Dell Horoscope, June, 2000, pp. 66-77. (Portions reprinted with permission of the editor.)

"JOHN ADDEY was an outstanding early leader in the ongoing effort to establish a general theory of astrology through advanced modern harmonics and intensive investigation of the symbolic basis of numbers. After World War II, he joined the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society in England, and continued astrology studies that had begun while he was a college student working toward his Masters degree.

"He later founded the prestigious Astrological Association, dedicated to furthering serious development of an integrated basis for astrology. Despite extensive attention given to the quantitative side, Addey's work was not simply materialistic. The principles of cycle and number that he developed through the study of harmonic effects have ancient roots in the mystical Greek philosopher, Pythagoras.

Charles Harvey wrote that for Addey, "the universe is a manifest expression of an inner or higher order of Truth, which may be revealed in part by the observation of the cosmos as the 'written' Word of God."

BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank gives the following information, rated A, which Addey himself gave Lois Rodden, from memory: He was born June 15, 1920, at 8:15 AM GDT, in Barnsley, England, 53N34; 1W28. He died on March 27, 1982, in London.

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In his lifetime, John Addey wrote several books, almost all of which are available through AstroAmerica. They are:

Astrology Reborn

Harmonics in Astrology

Selected Writings

Discrimination of Birthtypes

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