The Queen is Dead – Long Live the Queen

by Glorija Lawrence

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Doris Greaves, Cosmobiologist and ASTROLOGER extraordinaire, last Wednesday night, 11th July 2007, at 9.00 pm in Canberra Australia.  At the time of her death Neptune had come to the Sun by Solar Arc as well as Vertex = Neptune and Ascendant = Venus which indicates an abundance of experiences in the spiritual and psychic world. The transits of the hour Jupiter, Moon, Node, Ascendant also indicated a spiritual release from this earthly plane. A happy event.

Doris was born in Melbourne, Australia on 29th July 1919 at 2.04 pm to parents May and Harry Varey. On the day she was born the Sun and Moon were both in the sign of Leo, but it is the degree of the Moon along with Mercury, Saturn and the Mid-Heaven that tells the story, all being on the fixed star, Regulus. (29 degrees Leo)

In her own book, “Cosmobiology into the 21st Century” she describes the fixed star as one of the major marking stars of the ancient world, which gave power to kings, princes and heads of state. It is also gives the ability to rule. No wonder she was known as the Queen of Astrology on this side of the world.

 Doris has six planets/personal points in the sign of Leo in her natal chart, and knew even before she became an astrologer that she would one day become famous.  The sign of Leo rules royalty and amongst other things, success, leadership, creativity and artistic talent. It also gives these individuals an extremely fine ability to gauge the mood of the public.

With so many planets in Leo, the outer world was important to Doris and she was a broad and objective thinker. She was a great humanitarian and a friend to the world. Her mission was of a higher purpose, her aims totally unselfish and she was extremely generous with all her knowledge.

Doris was given ten shillings to buy herself some stockings for her 18th birthday but instead she found her way to McGill’s bookshop in Melbourne where she purchased her first astrology book and her life was changed forever.

Teachers on the subject were hard to find. So whilst most young girls were out enjoying themselves at the local dances, Doris was traveling on trams all over Melbourne to attend classes with people like, Rev John Farquarson, Bob White, Francis Drake, William Howell and Satori.  In 1944 Doris won a government scholarship to the University of Sydney to study industrial welfare and it was during this period she met Arthur and Frida de Dion.  Their friendship continued when they all moved back to Melbourne.

It was during the early 40’s that she had her first astrological article published called, “Hereditary Factors in the Horoscope,” in the de Dion’s magazine.  Since then she has written hundreds of articles for magazines and journals and became a household name as the featured astrologer for Rupert Murdock’s magazine, “The New Idea” for 17 years.

Her publication include, Cosmobiology a Modern Approach, The Koch Table of Houses for Southern Latitudes, and with Rudolf Smit, The Placidus table of Houses for the Southern hemisphere with special text on the Vertex, Astrology Under the Southern Cross with Milton Black and Richard Sterling, and her last book, Cosmobiology beyond 2000. She also did an updated student version of Cosmobiology a Modern Approach called Cosmobiology into the 21st Century.

In 1965 she was appointed, The Coordinator of Astrological Studies at the Melbourne Theosophical Society. It was here that she discovered a book by Reinhold Ebertin on the study of Cosmobiology.  She had the opportunity to meet with him in Germany and formed the Regulus Ebertin Study Group on her return. Two years later in 1970 she formed the Federation of Australian Astrologers. (FAA)  In 1972 she became a professional member of the American Federation of Astrologers and an honorary Member of the Kosmobiology Academy in Aalen, West Germany. Doris has lectured extensively in the USA, Germany, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

In 1995, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Cosmobiology Research Foundation Inc in Phoenix, Arizona and in January, 2000 at the Federation of Australian Astrologers Conference in Melbourne she was presented with the Millennium Award.  At around 58 years of age, (her second Saturn return) Doris started her astrological association with “The New Idea” magazine. It was also around the same time that Ebertin formally acknowledged Doris’s contribution to Cosmobiology in this manner:


Mrs Doris Greaves has worked with traditional astrology for 34 years and devoted herself to Cosmobiology and the Ebertin Method for 7 years, after having realized the justness and the scientific fundamentals of this method. She has already founded several study- groups, has given lectures to many associations, and published various treatises. Further she is a member of the “Kosmobiologische Akademie Aalen” and has personally accepted its status and articles. For these reasons she is hereby authorized to work for the purpose of Cosmobiology, and especially the Ebertin method, to give classes and hold examinations.  

Reinhold Ebertin

I walked into her beginners class in 1983, not even knowing what my Sun sign was. She very quickly picked up that I was extremely psychic, something I was running away from. She also made it very clear that she did not like Aries women and so I was at a disadvantage right from the beginning.

I persevered with my lessons as I knew the system worked, I just did not know how. I felt like Alice in Wonderland who had been given a very big key, to the door of the unknown.

I was lucky as my chart was very compatible with hers and so eventually we became friends. Her Jupiter to my Sun and her Venus to my Jupiter. We also had the Vertex on the same degree but in different signs. It was great fun watching Jupiter transit the Vertex position as we found out it was excellent for buying and selling property.

For many years I worked closely with Doris as her personal assistant. My roles were many and varied.   I traveling with her to the various venues around Melbourne as she lectured on astrology and Cosmobiology.  I  cooked for her dinner parties and helped out with the various interstate and overseas dignitaries, who invariably stopped by on their way to conferences and lectures.  I also worked with her and several others doing the computerized horoscopes for “The New Idea.” It was a new concept to the people of Australia and we literally did thousands of them.

During the 90’s I traveled extensively all over America teaching and lecturing on the Ebertin system with Doris. We made many friends.  Her work, as a teacher of the Ebertin system was outstanding.

She always followed his principles and placed great emphasis on clarity and simplicity. Like Ebertin, what Doris had to say had to be explicit, comparable and extremely obvious as anyone who works with the 90 degree dial, knows.

I was only one of so many people who Doris took under her wing and mentored. It was a truly amazing time and I feel so privileged to have been able to work with this wise and wonderful woman. She used to call me the, “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” and as far as I am concerned, I always will be.In her 60+ years in astrology, Doris Greaves has guided and inspired many people in their search for the meaning of life. Her accomplishments, puts her above her contemporaries. She never regretted her decision to dedicate her life to astrology and never wished for a different or better life.Astrology is a universal language. It reaches all levels of society, rich and poor alike, and her greatest joy was that her family accepted and shared her interest in this unusual subject.

Doris is survived by her two daughters, Janet and Rosemary and three grandchildren. Her husband Max died in November 1999 and her oldest daughter Gillian, in December 2005. Rosemary’s husband John Wallis died in July 2006.

So; if there is any truth in the famous writer DH Lawrence’s theory when he said, “the dead don’t die, they look down and help,” then we a have a cast of many, standing by in the wings, just waiting to get on with the job.


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Marie Pavel, Eleonora Kimmel, Doris Greaves, Glorija Lawrence, Baldur Ebertin and his son at the AFA Conference in Chicago 1992








Members of Glorija’s first Astrology Class in Mornington Australia with Queen Doris on her throne.



Doris Greaves and Pamela Rowe




They say when the student is ready the teacher appears.  Doris appeared in my life in a twist of fate in 1971.  Her photograph in a Melbourne, Australia newspaper following her public astrology lecture at '9 Darling Street', an up-market Melbourne function centre, prompted me to ring the newspaper for Doris’ telephone number.  Synchronistically Doris invited me to join a class she was starting in two weeks time and thus commenced a new era in my life.  

In Doris’ mind-spinning class, we soared to unimaginable heights within weeks of commencing.  She had just produced the first issue of the Federation of Australian Astrologers Journal and in a short period of time I was deeply involved with astrology and the FAA.  Doris founded the FAA in 1970.

Those were the days of John and Christina Farquarhson, Bob White, Allan Johnson, Roy Owen and Bonnie Matthes to name a few of the learned Australian astrologers Doris brought into our lives, along with top overseas astrologers Eleonora Kimmel and Edith Wangemann.  Doris also opened the door for my visits to Reinhold Ebertin in Germany in 1973 and 1981, where during the latter visit I attended Reinhold’s Conference in Stuttgart.

Remembering Doris is like remembering a shooting star.  Her extraordinary energy and ability to inspire others was matched only by her insistence that we all should be the best we could be – encouraging us to step up and follow our dreams.

 In 1977 when I had completed my Professional qualification exams with Doris, she invited me to work with herself and Gillian Murray (now Helfgott) as co-Principals of the Melbourne Academy of Cosmobiology.  This busy and fruitful Academy continued until 1983.  Gillian moved on to a dazzling career as wife and manager of the great pianist David Helfgott and I commenced my own school, the Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology in 1984.  However, the inspiration Doris gave us will always remain.  We will always remember Doris' dry sense of humour and the fun we had.  In those pre-computer days students were required to hand calculate all their work and learn their astrology from the ground up.  No short cuts then.  

  A great light has gone out in the astrological world.

 By Pamela Rowe, LPMAFA, FMFAA


SOURCE: Birth data originally from Doris Greaves' mother and death data from Doris Greaves's daughter, Janet.  This information was passed on to Glorija Lawrence who gave it to the Astrologers Memorial.  Many thanks!

BIRTH: Doris was born in Melbourne, Australia on 29th July 1919 at 2.04 pm

DEATH: Wednesday night, 11th July 2007, at 9.00 pm in Canberra Australia.

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