Alan Leo

2000 by Gavin Kent McClung

The following is by Gavin Kent McClung, from his article, "A SALUTE TO OUR HERITAGE: What Makes A True Astrologer?" Dell Horoscope, June, 2000, pp.66-77. (Portions reprinted with permission of the editor.)

William Frederick Allan Leo is often rightly called "the father of modern astrology." He worked to reorganize the traditional astrology of his day into something more than a scattered hodge-podge of ideas. In his travels throughout Britain, he lectured constantly, bringing isolated students there a new sense of unity and leadership in astrology.

In 1890, Leo joined the Theosophical Society, and commenced building a more spiritual and psychological basis for astrology, rendering it more effective as a tool of character analysis, in contrast to the then-prevalent tendency of astrologers to focus almost entirely upon prediction and forecasts.

Bessie Leo. 1858-1931 

His wife, Bessie Leo, was also an astrologer and Theosophist. At that time, he also co-founded the magazine that became known as Modern Astrology, which helped unite astrology students and practitioners throughout Europe.

By about 1915, he had authored or helped produce some thirty books, including classic titles in nativities, the progressed horoscope, and esoteric astrology. During this twenty to twenty-five years, largely due to his personal leadership skills, Alan Leo actually fostered the early rebirth of legitimate astrology in the Twentieth Century. His work gave strong impetus to scientific and other specialized strands of modern astrology (Uranian, cosmobiology, sidereal) as well as the humanistic astrology that gained ascendancy in the late twentieth century by its association with depth psychology, psychotherapeutic work, and spiritual movements.

In 1915, he founded the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society, which later received Charles E. O. Carter's energetic support after Leo passed away, which in turn helped power Carter's later propagation of the British the Faculty of Astrological Studies (1948) and the Astrological Association (1958). All of these institutions have continued to build on the strong foundation set down by one inspired man--Alan Leo.

Birth and Death Data: AstroDatabank gives the following information, rated B, from his book Esoteric Astrology. He was born August 7, 1860, at 5:49 AM LMT in Westminster, England, 51N30; 00W09. He died on August 30, 1917, at 10:00 AM in Bude, England.

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