Alexander Ruperti

Alex Ruperti by Jeff Jawer, writing in Aspects Magazine:

"Alexander Ruperti died peacefully at his home in Juriens, Switzerland, in January, 1998. He was born May 23,1913, 10:08 PM in Stuggart, Germany. Alex's story is an 84 year adventure of teaching, writing and healing, a journey across continents and a bridge between heart, body and mind.

"He's best known to many for his book, Cycles of Becoming, the only one of his works in English. But, his books in French with Marief Ruperti-Cavaignac, many articles and Le Reseau d'Astrologie Humaniste (Network for Humanistic Astrology or RAH) he founded are essential parts of his legacy to astrology.

"RAH has chapters in every major city in France as well as groups in Belgium, Switzerland and Spain to spread Alex's ideas and those of Dane Rudhyar. Alex was trained as an osteopath, practiced healing and was an internationally respected astrologer.

"We'll miss the twinkle of his Gemini eye, his long Capricorn Moon gait and his extraordinary Jupitarian generosity. Like all great teachers, Alex was a great person, a man of dignity and respect who lived up the highest ideals of his teachings."

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