Barbara Watters

"Barbara H. Watters began to practice astrology in 1941. The holocaust of WWII immediately plunged her into the astrological study of world affairs. She soon realised that traditional mundane methods did not yield accurate results. Searching for something more reliable, she experimented with horary methods. By trial and error, she eventually worked out a system which has proven dependable.

The experience stood her in good stead when she moved to Washington in 1959. Soon politicians and diplomats were heavily represented in her clientele. In some cases their careers depended on accurate analyses of world trends. The confidential astrologer-client relationship prevented the publication of most of this work.

In 1969 she retired from active practice to devote full time to teaching, lecturing and writing about astrology. Her books are in a special category because long before she became a professional astrologer she was a professional writer. Her first work was published when she was only sixteen. Even while practicing astrology she continued her career as a writer. Her novels have been published here and abroad and her short stories have appeared in many national magazines.

Her first astrological work was The Astrologer Looks at Murder, an astral analysis of the hidden motives behind six of the world's most ghastly crimes.

This was followed by What's Wrong with Your Sun sign?, a light-hearted, frank discussion of solar positions that turns the spotlight on the lesser known foibles - - informative and hilarious reading.

Next came Sex and the Outer Planets, a book unique in astrological literature because it analyzes sociological trends in astrological terms and explains their effect on the sexual behavior of the individual.

Mrs. Watters is also the author of Sea Change: The Explanation of a Witch. First published in 1946 and recently reprinted by Valhalla Paperbacks, this penetrating study of the destruction of a human soul through black magic has long been treasured by students of the occult as a classic in the field.

Following the tradition of all adepts, Mrs. Watters shuns publicity. She lives quietly in a large, gracious house in the nation's capital, devoting her time to study, writing, and teaching a small group of students, most of whom are professional astrologers.

Many have asked for her horoscope. She was born with the Sun in Libra, conjunct the great stars Spica and Arcturus. She has Leo rising."
Bio from Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events (ISBN 1-898503206)

Mercury Hour, April, 1984, quotes Watters' Obituary in the Washington Post:

"BARBARA HUNT WATTERS, 76, an astrologer in Washington since 1957 and a founder of the National Academy of Astrologers, died of cardio-pulmonary arrest January 2, at George Washington University Hospital. Mrs. Watters was born in Chicago and attended the University of Chicago. She learned to read astrology charts in the late 1950s and lectured frequently throughout the United States. Among her students was Svetlana Godillo, who wrote an astrology column for the Washington Post until she died in 1982. Astrologers had a meditation gathering at the Kay Chapel of American University in Washington, DC, in Watters' memory on January 28, 1984."

From the AFA Bulletin, February, 1984:

"Barbara H. Watters was a professional member of AFA since June 1963. She was a talented author and several of her books have been among the best sellers on AFA's book list.

Barbara was well known throughout Washington political circles for her work in mundane and horary astrology. Her last publication, Astrological Analysis of Dow Jones Averages was released in time for the 1982 AFA Convention. Her efforts in later years had been in the direction of teaching advanced students the art of forecasting national and international events. She will be sorely missed."

BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank shows the following information from her to Bess Turner, rated C, rectified by her from an approximate time, source of time not given. She was born October 17, 1907, at 12:50 AM CST, in Chicago, IL.

Barbara Watters chart

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Astrology Center of America carries two of her still-enjoyable books, An Astrologer Looks at Murder and Sex and the Outer Planets. lists others of her books, Horary Astrology and the Judgement of Events and What's Wrong with Your Sun Sign as being out of print.


So sad to hear she is dead. I am just now reading her book Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events....It is the best book I have ever read on Horary what a lady

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