Joyce Wehrman

Joyce Wehrman was a seasoned professional astrologer in the San Diego, CA, area who spent years researching successful times for winning at gambling. This fascination suits her chart well--not only was she a Sagittarian, but she had a high-profile Jupiter in Sagittarius exactly conjunct her Midheaven.

Her system resulted in a computerized program for choosing gambling times that many students and fans used for their visits to Las Vegas and other hot spots. She spoke at many conferences, especially on the West Coast and was well-respected for her work. Joyce was married for nearly 30 years to Jim Wehrman and had four sons.

Blake Finley adds:

"Ms. Wehrman also did substantial work with geodetics/locational astrology, and gave an impressive account of the accuracy and usefulness of geodetics at an NCGR conference in Oakland, CA in the early 1980s, where she mentioned the earlier work of Sepharial and the significance of also considering planetary latitude in correlation with geographic latitude. This two-dimensional approach to geodetics was used by Harry Suthann, as evidenced in his articles in the National Astrological Journal in the early 1930s."

Joyce Wehrman chart

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BIRTH AND DEATH DATA: AstroDatabank rates her birth information, given to Lois Rodden by her personally as A. She was born on December 19, 1935 at 10:38 AM MST in Denver, CO. She died in the early morning hours of October 8, 1989, in San Diego, after a bout of high blood pressure and headaches.

Joyce used her gambling system to fine tune her birth time. On page 16 of "Winning!! Zodiacal Timing Revised," she says the following: "I thought that my Ascendant was 21 degrees 12 minutes of a fixed sign. I went to the track when Jupiter was activating my chart. I won--until Jupiter moved the exact minute and then I began to lose. I have now changed the minutes on my ascendant because of this experience. Please realize what incredibly fine timing this is."

BOOK AND TAPE SOURCES: Joyce had some self-published books plus one from AstroComputing Services called, What are Winning Transits? ACS also creates computerized reports based on her rules for winning. It is likely that some of her tapes are available through The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). See our sources page.

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